Who Qualifies to be a Donor?

Who Qualifies as A Donor?

Donors Must Be:

  • Healthy and Well Tempered

  • Weigh 25kg (55lbs) or more

  • Be between the ages of 1 - 8 years old

  • Be up to date on Vaccinations or have proof of vaccine titres

  • Be on Heartworm & Tick Prevention

Benefits of becoming a Donor

Not only will your pet help save lives, there are also additional benefits from the Canadian Animal Blood Bank such as:

  • Your Pet will be eligible to receive one free blood product if medically necessary

  • Your pet will also receive a free bandana & blood donor tag after donation

  • Free testing for blood-borne diseases and heartworm. Abnormalities will be reported to your Veterinarian for follow up

Want to Donate?

If your pet meets the above criteria, AND you’re available the morning of October 3rd Email us at : gvsmarketing@mymts.net

*please include your name/phone number and your pet’s information *

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